RUBICODE - Rationalising Biodiversity Conservation in Dynamic Ecosystems


  The sixth and final edition of the RUBICODE newsletter was published in September 2009 and is now available to download.

  Report of the Final RUBICODE Workshop: "The Way Ahead in Ecosystem Service and Biodiversity Research" which took place in January 2009 is now available to download.

  A roadmap describing research priorities for ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation can be downloaded from the Outputs page.

  Nine reviews related to ecosystem service assessment on concepts, drivers, indicators, functional traits, values and habitat management strategies are available to download on the "Outputs" page.

  Link to the restricted part of the website.


RUBICODE is a Coordination Action funded under the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission.  These are not pure research projects, rather they aim to achieve improved integration of existing research.  Hence, RUBICODE aims to pull together the large amount of existing research on biodiversity and ecosystem change and assess its relevance for ecosystem service assessment. 

The project consists of three main activities:

  1. To review relevant concepts, methods and results from previous and ongoing projects, the literature, databases, experts and policy documents.
  2. To organise workshops to evaluate the concepts and methods, raise awareness and identify gaps in knowledge.
  3. To synthesize knowledge from the reviews and workshops, and further develop various concepts, frameworks or strategies to address gaps in knowledge and inform future research needs.


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