RUBICODE - Rationalising Biodiversity Conservation in Dynamic Ecosystems


  The sixth and final edition of the RUBICODE newsletter was published in September 2009 and is now available to download.

  Report of the Final RUBICODE Workshop: "The Way Ahead in Ecosystem Service and Biodiversity Research" which took place in January 2009 is now available to download.

  A roadmap describing research priorities for ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation can be downloaded from the Outputs page.

  Nine reviews related to ecosystem service assessment on concepts, drivers, indicators, functional traits, values and habitat management strategies are available to download on the "Outputs" page.

  Link to the restricted part of the website.


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 COCONUT - Understanding effects of land use changes on ecosystems to halt loss of biodiversity due to habitat destruction, fragmentation and degradation

 DAISIE - Delivering alien invasive inventories for Europe

 Ecosystem services: Living within environmental limits

 ENSEMBLES - Ensemble-based predictions of climate changes and their impacts

 EUMon - EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest

 EurOcean - European Centre for Marine Science and Technology

 EURO-LIMPACS - Evaluate the impacts of global change on European freshwater ecosystems

 European Forest Institute

 FRAP - Framework for biodiversity reconciliation action plans

 GLOCHAMORE - Global change in mountain regions

 HERMES - Hotspot ecosystem research on the margins of European Seas

 IntraBioDiv - Tracking surrogates for intraspecific biodiversity: towards efficient selection strategies for the conservation of natural genetic resources using comparative mapping and modelling approaches

 MACIS - Minimisation of and adaptation to climate change: Impacts on biodiversity

 MARBEF - Marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

 Marine Genomics - Implementation of high-throughput genomic approaches to investigate the functioning of marine ecosystems and the biology of marine organisms.

 MarLIN - Marine Life Information Network for Britain and Ireland

 MODELKEY - Models for assessing and forecasting the impact of environmental key pollutants on marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity

 Probioprise - Creating a European Platform for SMEs and other stakeholders to develop a research programme for pro-biodiversity business

 SENSOR - Sustainability impact assessment: Tools for environmental social and economic effects of multifunctional land use in European regions

 SoBio - Mobilising the European social research potential in support of biodiversity and ecosystem management

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